Free Display Ads Builder Websites

Below are the websites which helps you to built Free Display Ads for doing SEM Advertising(PPC), it will improve your traffic and reduces your cost per conversion 

1) Boonze Media Solutions - Free Display Ads
2) Google - Display Ad Builder

Keywords Density Analysis Formula & Tool

Keywords Density Analysis Formula:
Keyword Density = ([Keyword Count]*100)/(Total Word Count]

Keyword Count - Count how many times you have used your keyword.
Total Word Count - Count how many words you have on your page.

Keywords Density Analysis Tool:

Best Keyword Density Percentage for SEO:
The average keyword density for individual keyword should be in between 1 – 5%( Good)

Free Indian Classifieds List

Find the below Indian free classifieds websites which is very useful to post your ads and get more leads from those ads for your business PR=6 PR=6 PR=5 PR=5 PR=5 PR=5 PR=5 PR=5 PR=5 PR=5 PR=5 PR=5 PR=5 PR=4 PR=4 PR=4 PR=4 PR=4 PR=3 PR=3 PR=3 PR=3 PR=3 PR=3 PR=3 PR=2 PR=2 PR=2 PR=2 PR=2 PR=2 PR=2 PR=2 PR=2 PR=2 PR=2 PR=2 PR=2 PR=2 PR=2 PR=1 PR=1 PR=1 PR=1 PR=0 PR=0 PR=0 PR=0 PR=0 PR=0

Best Free Classifieds Sites - United States

Below are the best free classifieds list, which gives more leads to your business PR-7 PR-6 PR-5 PR-5 PR-4 PR-5 PR-4 PR-5 PR-4 PR-5 PR-5 PR-4 PR-4 PR-4 PR-4 PR-6

Top Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites

Find the best top dofollow social bookmarking sites for improving your website backlinks quickly PR-7 PR-8 PR-8 PR-6 PR-8 PR-7 PR-6 PR-6 PR-0 PR-8 PR-4 PR-2 PR-2 PR-7 PR-6 PR-3 PR-4 PR-5 PR-1 PR-8 PR-5 PR-5 PR-6

Free Directory Submission List for Instant Approval and get more Backlinks

The below listed are some of the instant approval directories list and it will generate immediate backlinks for your website. Approval Duration(1 Week)

Top Dofollow Article Directories List with PR 1 to 6

Below listed are the updated dofollow article directories list

Dofollow Article Directories PR 6

Dofollow Article Directories PR 5

Dofollow Article Directories PR 4

Dofollow Article Directories PR 3

Dofollow Article Directories PR 2

Dofollow article directories PR 1