Golden Rules for Choosing a Domain Name!

Your domain name speaks for your brand and stands as a main reason for attracting traffic to your site. Choosing a proper domain name is not that hard if you follow these basic factors that decide the success of your domain name.

How to Choose a Domain Name? Read on.

1. Brandability

Your domain name should be brandable and catchy at the very first sight. Suppose you choose a name with hyphens and symbols, it does not work well. Also, choose a name which has no generic keyword but is unique and self advertising.

2. Pronounceability

Mind remembers words it can pronounce and associate with things easily so that it will not forget at once. This is called processing fluency of the mind which is what is required for your domain name. People should be able to say out the name without struggle so that they will remember it well and click on it when they need something related to it.

3. Short names

Short names are advantageous as when you type them, you get them fully on social network platforms; the URL is not cut off and thus your name stands as it is without being compressed.

4. Using .com

.com is the way to make you familiar with   the people who are not tech savvy and need some common terms to understand domain names. What you need is good ROI and conversions and if these things come by using certain old fashioned ones like .com, nothing wrong.

5. Avoiding names that are similar to yet other companies or trademarks

You should not infringe upon the names that are already in existence or are the trademarks of some existing sites. Seek solicitations from your lawyer in such cases so that you will not enter troubled waters.

6. Intuitive domain names

Your domain name should induce conjecture in the user mind as to what it refers to and what could be the possible product or service your domain offers. On reading the name, the user should be able to guess what it talks about and whether it will suit his requirement.

7. Keyword inclusion is not a must

Keyword mention in the name is good but it should not be over emphasized as it may cause negative associations in the minds of the readers.

8. Modifying domain name

Suppose you are not able to get your domain name as per your wish, you can modify it.
So, you are ready with how to select website name. Keep going! 

Four Major Trends that Build the Future of SEO!

SEO is a field which is fast changing and improving day by day. Apart from on page optimization and back links, people concentrate upon SEO practices which are more inclusive and strategic. Following four major trends prove to be the builders of future SEO .Here they are

1. Impact of RankBrain

RankBrain is the most influential ranking factor in Google algorithm which interprets users’ queries and relates the most suitable answers for them. RankBrain today is found to process every Google search (not leaving a single one) which amounts to the minimum of 63,000 per second. So, you need to understand that the future of SEO is already in the hands of RankBrain and you cannot optimize your website for this ranking factor.

2. Effect of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages project in the form of top stories at the outset and today it has 150 million indexed AMP documents in its index and has announced that mobile users will be directly directed to AMP pages despite the existence of an equivalent app page. This means in the future SEO world, mobile web will stay on par with native apps and Google will become more relevant to user experience with its Accelerated Mobile Pages.

3. World’s information through the Knowledge Graph

Putting world’s information all together and making it accessible to the users has been a mission of Google over a period of time. Google’s Knowledge Graph serves this propose .Knowledge Graph enhances search engine’s search results with semantic search information that is collected from various sources lie Wikipedia,Wikidata, and the CIA world Factbook.Knowledge Graph elements are in the form of structured information containing links to sources of further information. There are a number of queries that show ready answers in these formats.

4. Real- time, integrated penalty filters

Penguin has now become a real time signal which is processed within Google algorithm .Data on your pages is today refreshed every time Google recrawls the pages. Further, Panda also has been integrated into the main algorithm of Google. Thus, Google makes spam fighting a central function of serving search results. So here after, cleaning spammy back links and getting rid of poor quality content becomes an easy job for website owners.

So, machine learning, semantic understanding, connections and patterns and user experience will take an upper hand over other factors in building the future of the SEO world.

Flipkart reaches 10 crore customers!

The journey!

Flipkart began as a startup headquartered in Bangalore exploring the waters of e-commerce in India back in 2007 selling books, now Flipkart has turned into a company capable of locking horns with competitors like Amazon who also have a global presence. The brainchild of Binny and Sachin Bansal, who left Amazon to being Flipkart in 2007 sold their first book "Leaving Microsoft to change the world" to a customer and every since then there has been no turning back. Their journey from selling books to offering a wide range of facilities is possible by delivering unmatched service says Binny Bansal a founding member. Flipkart celebrates having satisfied 10 crore customers. Flipkart has grown to become India's largest e-commerce entity and thereby has extended its reach throughout the nation. Last year stands witness to Flipkart doubling its customers and only in the last 6 months Flipkart has witnessed 2.5 crore new customers. This is probably due to their hugely successful Big billion and Independence sale.

Flipkart has carried out fundraising ventures and always emerged successful. The company's investors like Tiger Global, Accel Partners, Baillie Gifford and many others have cumulatively invested over 3 billion dollars. The company has been valuated over the 10 billion mark by more than one valuator. Flipkart has also been acquiring start-ups like, blackbuck, and Phonepe , Flipkart also bought the fashion e-commerce player Myntra for over 300 Million dollars.

India's leading e-commerce company

India' e-commerce industry has seen exponential growth witnessing the entry of international players like Amazon into the fare. But over 43 % of the Indian customer bank is possessed by Flipkart alone and is estimated to raise to 44% in 2019.  This is a great accomplishment concerning the expectations of Indian customers and their demands.

Flipkart also has exclusive tie-ups with mobile companies like Lenovo and Xiaomi who's mobile phone are available only through Flipkart. This plan was an instant hit and the first batches of the phone from both the manufacturers sold out in minutes.

Flipkart is registered in Singalore and headquartered in Bangalore in December 2014 the company went public to raise 700 million dollars for the long term, which furthered its valuation to 15 billion dollars. Flipkart's unique marketing and advertisement strategies have paid off.

Flipkart now offers over 20 million products under 70 different categories, employing over 33,000 and with 8 million visiting its webpage every day. So go to to buy anything from books to toys.