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Four Major Trends that Build the Future of SEO!

SEO is a field which is fast changing and improving day by day. Apart from on page optimization and back links, people concentrate upon SEO practices which are more inclusive and strategic. Following four major trends prove to be the builders of future SEO .Here they are

1. Impact of RankBrain

RankBrain is the most influential ranking factor in Google algorithm which interprets users’ queries and relates the most suitable answers for them. RankBrain today is found to process every Google search (not leaving a single one) which amounts to the minimum of 63,000 per second. So, you need to understand that the future of SEO is already in the hands of RankBrain and you cannot optimize your website for this ranking factor.

2. Effect of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages project in the form of top stories at the outset and today it has 150 million indexed AMP documents in its index and has announced that mobile users will be directly directed to AMP pages despite the existence of an equivalent app page. This means in the future SEO world, mobile web will stay on par with native apps and Google will become more relevant to user experience with its Accelerated Mobile Pages.

3. World’s information through the Knowledge Graph

Putting world’s information all together and making it accessible to the users has been a mission of Google over a period of time. Google’s Knowledge Graph serves this propose .Knowledge Graph enhances search engine’s search results with semantic search information that is collected from various sources lie Wikipedia,Wikidata, and the CIA world Factbook.Knowledge Graph elements are in the form of structured information containing links to sources of further information. There are a number of queries that show ready answers in these formats.

4. Real- time, integrated penalty filters

Penguin has now become a real time signal which is processed within Google algorithm .Data on your pages is today refreshed every time Google recrawls the pages. Further, Panda also has been integrated into the main algorithm of Google. Thus, Google makes spam fighting a central function of serving search results. So here after, cleaning spammy back links and getting rid of poor quality content becomes an easy job for website owners.

So, machine learning, semantic understanding, connections and patterns and user experience will take an upper hand over other factors in building the future of the SEO world.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore!

The world has turned digital and those who have embraced digital applications in life find life comfortable and stress free. No wonder, businesses grow rapidly and those who are in for digital marketing strategies are the top winners in e-commerce. Blogging, keyword optimization, targeted content and many such digital marketing strategies take online businesses to top positions in their field. Added to this fact are the advantages one derives out of digital marketing-affordability, accessibility, ease of obtaining results, versatility and practicality.

There are many digital marketing companies in Bangalore vying with one another to attract clients through their strategies and covet top positions in the field.  Following are the top 5 digital marketing companies in Bangalore showcasing their merit in the field due to their vast client base, client satisfaction and quality services they provide.

1. Ralecon

Ralecon tops the list of digital marketing companies for its adept services in keyword optimization, vast client base with more than 500 clients across the country and across the globe in technology, retail, tour and tourism, education, real estate etc.  The Company bags top rankings in Google for its business related keywords. It has the status of being Google Certified Partner Company and Microsoft Bing Certified Partner Company in a short period of time since it was founded.

Most of the credit of Ralecon goes to its dedicated team of SEO analysts, PPC specialists, graphic designers, content writers, business development executives, software engineers and QA professionals. This has led to repeat business from clients who are 100% satisfied with the Company’s services. Ralecon bags credit for its adaptability to latest SEO trends, especially Google algorithm updates and thus renders seamless marketing services to satisfy its customers.

The illustrious clients of Ralecon are Jindal Group, Orchids the International School, New Horizon College of Engineering, HDFC Realty, Adiquity.

2. Interactive Avenues

Interactive Avenues has the largest digital marketing team in the country. It is the subsidiary of IPG Media Brands, international media conglomerate and thus the Company is enabled to access the potentials of global media experts. Interactive Avenues uses analytic algorithms and innovative solutions to be delivered to the clients through its efficient team.

3. Position2

Position2 is a demand acceleration company imparting various services like content marketing, paid acquisition, social media management, marketing automation, apps and website development. It has expert marketing gurus, engineers, writers and designers, data scientists to provide solutions to many businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

4. Position Matters

Position Matters provides search engine optimization, social media service, web design service, online reputation management, content writing services and web development services. It is a Google Certified Partner Company and ranks high on Google for its business focused keywords. Value added services with commitment have earned a good name for this company in a short span of time.Okapia mobiles, Dynacast, Indian Institute of Fashion Technology, Zomint, Real Data Jobs are some of the famous clients of Position Matters.

5. Web Chutney

Web Chutney is noted for its engaging content to clients across the world. It has 200 digital marketing experts across India to provide services in online advertising, website design, social media, SEO services and mobile marketing. With various creative techniques, the Company provides compelling content that brings desired results to its clients.
All these 5 companies are at the top level in digital marketing for their uncompromising quality, client care and vast client base they possess.